Saturday, August 9, 2008

Use your .gitignore as the ignore pattern for echoe

Echoe is a library for quickly creating gems in Ruby. I I've hacked up a quick patch for it so you can use your .gitignore file as the manifest ignore pattern. I found it boring to re-list the ignore stuff since it in 99% of the cases (at least for me) already is present in .gitignore.

I'm sure that the patch doesn't work perfectly though. I know there is differences between the globbing syntax in gitignore and in Ruby's File#fnmatch - the latter is stricter. But it still works perfectly for the (small) projects I've tried it on.

Usage goes down like this: do |p|
p.ignore_pattern = FileList[".gitignore"]

Grab it from my fork on GitHub.

UPDATE: This feature is now included in echoe 3.0.2!