Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Choosing a project management system

Last week we were starting up a couple of small projects for some clients. I saw that as a great opportunity to review our choice of project management system. We were currently using Retrospectiva, a open source rails project. It does the job okay, but it isn't exactly very pretty, and the usability kinda sucks. This is supposed to get improved. Anyway, letting clients into Retrospectiva just didn't feel right. Oh, and currently Retrospectiva only supports subversion. And since we've transitioned completely to Git, thats a problem for us.

So I went looking for a substitute. I looked a bit at a new Rails app named WhoDoes. Its pretty cool, and I really wanted to like it since its extremely cheap compared to Lighthouse. It wasn't quite "it" tho. The biggest problem: it lacks a very basic PM requirement: knowledge capture. You really need to have an external wiki or something, since it doesn't even have simple pages/messages like Lighthouse. But I bet this app will improve in the future, so it's something to look out for. So we ended up with Lighthouse, which has a really really beautiful UI. And it's dead easy to use: everything is a ticket. Client-safe, and a whole lot more fun to use than Retrospectiva! We even got Git integration working, which I will write about next.


Peter said...

Did you consider Mingle? I love personally love it!

Bjørn Arild Mæland said...

I would love to try Mingle, but the system reqs are a bit too high I think

Anonymous said...

We'd like to inform you about the recent release of

WhoDoes 2.0

the new and completely renewed version. Designed with a new and intuitive graphical user interface to make it easier to use. A new innovative approach to facilitate team collaboration. WhoDoes 2.0 has new features that makes managing of project activities and the sharing of information within the team even easier.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I'm using Engage from Support-Port.com
I like it because I don't need a computer
Power failure doesn't affect me at all. On a trip, no issues.
Plus it tracks all of my project assets like DOORS without the computer.

Hard drive crash, no issue. Hacking, not possible.
I can step in after a project finishes and its as though I never left. All of my developments are still intact. I don't have to worry about backwards compatibility.

There is a place for software, but when a binder system can be shared for less than $50 with everyone in my project group, my vendors, and customers...